Violent battles and confrontations continued on the fronts of the Yemeni capital, Sana'a, for the fourth day in a row, amid great progress by the Yemeni army forces supported by the Arab coalition to support legitimacy. On the continuation of the Houthi escalation, as militia violations of the UN armistice continue on the West Coast.

In detail, yesterday, the Arab coalition fighters to support legitimacy bombed military sites and weapons depots containing drones and ballistic missiles belonging to the Houthi militias in seven Yemeni governorates, for the second day in a row that coalition fighters launched a series of intensive raids in response to the recent Houthi escalation, and the militias rejected cease-fire.

Field sources said that coalition fighters managed to destroy an armory containing ballistic missiles and drones at Al-Dailami Air Force Base in north Sanaa, and well-informed sources said that coalition fighters bombed air defense media platforms at the base that includes a workshop for boasting drones, and frequented by foreign experts to train elements Houthi militias, and the sources indicated that coalition fighters bombed other militia locations in Saada, Al-Jawf, Hajjah and Al-Bayda, and also managed to destroy a rocket launching platform in Amran Governorate, and destroyed weapons stores containing various military hardware in the Ma'rib area, from the direction of Sarwah and Mazar.

Meanwhile, violent battles continued between the Yemeni army and militias on the Nahham fronts, north-east of Sanaa, yesterday, during which the army forces were able to reach the vicinity of Naqil, the hypothesis of Neham, and began bombing the militia sites with heavy artillery and machine guns, after they were able to liberate more than 30 km in Nahham And secure it.

The sources confirmed the death of the leader of the Naham hypothesis axis, called “Abbad Al-Joud,” and the supply front of the front, called “Hamoud Ahmed Ali Al-Houthi,” the official of the military engineering of the Houthis in Naham, called “Ahmed Zaid,” and the central communications official in the Naham hypothesis, called “Muhammad Yahya Gestational ».

In Marib, the Yemeni army forces, backed by coalition fighters, yesterday failed Houthi attacks towards their positions in the vicinity of the Mas camp west of the city of Marib, where the militias attempted, through the attack, to penetrate the Yemeni army positions in that area to relieve pressure on its members on the Naham, Sarwah, Al-Mahdoura and Al-Jawf divisions. However, it failed to make any progress, according to field sources, which confirmed that the militias sustained great losses.

The sources confirmed the destruction of 15 militia vehicles and armored vehicles in the vicinity of Ma'rib by coalition fighters, pointing to the occurrence of violent explosions at the Houthi positions in the massacre, the al-Jawf junction and the vicinity of Sarwah and in the vicinity of the Maas camp, against the background of the raids.

In Al-Jawf Junction, the Yemeni army forces managed to secure the “Wadi Al-Talibah” after fierce battles with the militias, which led to the death of 25 Houthis, wounding and the families of others, and field sources confirmed that the battles reached the outskirts of the areas linking Al-Jouf and Marib, and were concentrated in “Al-Mahzam, Wadi Makik and Wadi Al-Batin And Wadi Al-Jafra and Al-Huraishah, which are areas between the two governorates that extend to the ravine of Sanaa.

In al-Dhalea, the joint forces responded to a surprise attack by the Houthi militia in Hubil al-Kalb and al-Fakhir, and the two sides exchanged confrontations using various types of weapons, and the militias retreated to their previous positions.

In the Maris axis, north of Al-Dhali, the joint forces targeted a number of military barracks of the Houthi militia in Qahra and Al-Manqaz, north of the town of Maris, resulting in the destruction of Houthi and death vehicles and the injury of a number of militia members.

In Al Hudaydah on the western coast of Yemen, the Houthi militias continued their violations of the international armistice and yesterday launched separate attacks using various types of weapons on residential areas and joint forces positions in Al Jabaliya and Al Faza in Al Tahita district, and towards the outskirts of the Hayes and Al Duraimi districts and in the upper jah of Beit Al Faqih district, which are areas Joint contact between the two sides.

Al-Awadi announces the horn to defend Radman

Yesterday, the prominent tribal sheikh, Yasser Al-Awadi, called the tribes of the Al-Awwad and tribes of Al-Bayda governorate to the general alienation and rallying to defend the Radman district against the Houthi coup militias, which mobilized its elements to the vicinity of the Directorate during the last period.

Al-Awadi said in tweets on the social networking site «Twitter»: «I invite (Al-Awad) from follicles to Al-Merriya, and our companions are enlightened and the Al-Thabiti family to immediately mobilize and form the companies of Radman’s defensive axis according to the previous plan to defend Radman.

Al-Awadi pointed out that what is currently offered of mediation did not reach anything positive, and he renewed the call to the tribes of Al-Bayda, Marib, Shabwa and all the tribes that positively communicated to the meeting and the pure tribal panic.

Sanaa - Emirates today

The Yemeni army liberates and secures more than 30 km in the front of Nahham.

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