China News Service, June 17th, according to Reuters, Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said on the 17th that Australia is unlikely to open the border to international tourists by 2021, but will consider relaxing the entry rules for international students and other long-term visitors .

  It is reported that Australia has achieved great success in curbing the spread of new coronaviruses, and Australia attributes it to restrictions on international travel and strict social isolation regulations.

Data graph: Australians' lives are gradually recovering. China News Agency reporter Tao Shelan

  Birmingham stated that the isolation rules for returning citizens will likely apply to international students and other travelers who plan to stay longer.

  He said: "We can simply complete the 14-day quarantine period, this measure has previously played a very good role in helping Australians return to their homeland safely."

  Since international education is Australia's fourth largest source of foreign exchange income, the return of international students will help universities facing huge economic losses due to the border closure.