Suspension of Aegis Ashore deployment Defense Minister Visits Yamaguchi and Akita to Chen Xie 18:38 on June 17

Regarding the suspension of the deployment plan of the new interceptor missile system "Aegis Ashore", Defense Minister Kono has established a policy of visiting Yamaguchi Prefecture on the 19th and Akita Prefecture on the 21st, and plans for the governors of each prefecture. I will explain how it stopped and apologize.

Regarding the deployment of "Aegis Ashore", the Ministry of Defense was afraid to show the SDF practice areas in Yamaguchi and Akita prefectures as candidate sites, but Defense Minister Kono planned on the 15th because of technical problems. Announced the stop.

Regarding the deployment, there was a backlash from the locals over sloppy investigations, and Minister Kono said after saying that the plan had been suspended, "I am inconvenience to the locals," and visited both prefectures early and thanked him. Was showing the idea to do.

Then, I decided to visit Yamaguchi Prefecture on the 19th and Akita Prefecture on the 21st.

It is believed that Minister Kono would like to give a detailed explanation of the circumstances leading up to the suspension of the deployment plan and to apologize directly to the governors of both prefectures to gain an understanding of this decision.

Chief Cabinet Secretary "Transfer to the US side at the right time"

At the press conference in the morning, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga said in a press conference in the morning, "We are working more closely than usual, and this matter is also transmitted from the Ministry of Defense to the US Department of Defense at the appropriate time for publication. I am doing this."

In addition, regarding the measures to safely drop the propulsion auxiliary device called "booster", the reporters asked "Is it clear that the US side could do it?", while Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan said "relationship with the other side. However, the Ministry of Defense is technically possible to control the flight route of SM3 and safely drop the booster based on the results of discussions and examinations with the US side up to that point. I had decided that."

LDP, former chairman of the House of Representatives, "results are responsible for successive ministers"

Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Gen Ibuki said at the second-tier meeting, "I think the ministers are responsible for the results, even if they don't know the details, so I think the successive ministers are responsible for the results. It is the fate of the minister that must not be done."

Representative Tamaki “Henoko relocation should be reviewed”

At the press conference, the National Democratic Party representative Tamaki said, "The government needs to explain the reason why the Aegis Ashore project started and the reason for its suspension during the closing examination. The plan was suspended from the viewpoint of cost-effectiveness. If so, the relocation of the US military Futenma base to Henoko, Nago City should be reviewed on a zero basis."

Ishin Baba, Secretary-General, "Explanation of Missile Intercept System"

At the press conference, Secretary-General Baba of the Japan Restoration Association said, "I think we finally decided to stop the plan because we could not get the consent of the residents of Yamaguchi and Akita prefectures. The situation in East Asia was tense. In the meantime, we should immediately explain to the people what kind of missiles they are prepared to intercept in order to protect their lives."

Communist Shishi Chairman “Clarification of Policy Failure”

The Communist Party chairman Shii told reporters, "There are various reasons, but it is clear that the policy collapse has been made. We must strictly pursue the responsibility of spending taxes in vain. Along with the withdrawal of blank paper, we will also ask for the abandonment of relocation of the US military Futenma base to Henoko, Nago city."

Russian Foreign Minister "I want to clarify the situation"

Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov, who had expressed concern to the Japanese side over the deployment plan of the new interceptor missile system "Aegis Ashore", said "I want to clarify the situation", and the Japanese side on the background to the suspension of the plan this time. I showed the idea that I would like to confirm.

Regarding the deployment of "Aegis Ashoa", Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov have expressed their concerns at negotiations for peace treaties with Japan, etc., saying that they may be diverted to launchers of missiles aimed at Russia so far. I came.

``We haven't seen any concrete decisions,'' Lavrov said at a news conference in Moscow yesterday, saying he hadn't seen a concrete decision. I want to clarify the situation before deciding whether or not to take it," he said, saying that he would like to confirm with the Japanese side the circumstances behind the plan.

Meanwhile, a Russian government official told NHK that "it is basically a positive move for Russia," and whether the US-Japan cooperation will be affected in terms of security in Northeast Asia, and there is room for Russia to be involved. I showed you the idea of ​​analyzing the situation such as whether or not.