Leverkusen (dpa / tmn) - Mazda is one of the last Japanese car manufacturers to start selling an all-electric car. The MX-30 can now be ordered for 33 490 euros and is expected to hit the streets in late September, Mazda said.

Then the base price should be reduced to 32 646 euros by the announced reduction in value added tax. 4.40 meters long, the MX-30 follows the trend for small off-road vehicles. It goes its own way with a coupé-like line and with counter-hinged rear doors without a B-pillar, but also with its styling.

Battery lasts for 200 kilometers

Technically, Mazda also shows a little stubbornness and therefore logs off from the struggle for maximum range. The Japanese limit their output to 107 kW / 145 PS and regulate at a speed of 140 km / h. With a capacity of 35.5 kWh, the battery is also smaller than the competition. Accordingly, the so-called WLTP range is below average 200 kilometers.

The Japanese justify this with the low price and lower weight, which should also lead to more driving pleasure. In addition to drive and appearance, the ambience is also special. So there are two analog instruments left and right of the screen behind the steering wheel. But Mazda has now installed two touchscreens in the center console for the first time. There is also real cork in the interior.