With the emergence of the new Corona virus and curfew decisions, the idea of ​​going to a barbershop or hairdresser has become very dangerous and sometimes difficult to obtain. This forces the mother to take charge of cutting the hair of her husband, children, and herself if necessary.

The challenge that has shown a lot of intimacy among family members, imposing - at the same time - the mother's need to know the best, most professional, methods of cutting hair of different lengths, density, and degree of curl, to ensure that her family is satisfied with their appearance, and at least their ability to take pictures, or meet Others, if there is a need to go out to work or buy the needs of a home, and brag about what the mother has done.

So there are a number of rules that ensure all benefits are achieved.

How do you cut your husband's hair?

The classic story is best for beginners, your husband will only need to wash his hair with shampoo, then separate the upper part from the bottom, separate the sides, to deal with each part separately, and agree with him on the number of centimeters that he would like to cut, to stick to it in all aspects.

You will use a thin comb, sharp edged scissors, then start from the middle of the head, by lifting a portion of the hair in a straight horizontal position on the comb, trimming the excess ends, or according to the desired length, and repeat the combing and cutting the tress of the tuft until you reach the back of the head, then return to settle this part .

It is important to ensure that you apply the comb every time at the same distance from the scalp, and that you come a little closer to the back of the head. The same method for both sides, and it is easier to follow the ratios of the length of the hair in each part, as the length on both sides is less than the front of the head.

On both sides, you will have to determine the rotation of the head, such as the sideburns and the rotation of the ear, so that its graduation is shorter, until the boundaries of the face are drawn on both sides.

Make sure that the hair in the front of the head is a little longer, and you will stick to the same length that you cut, and here you will raise tufts between your fingers, starting from the front, and cut the tuft on equal times, and not cut it at once, just as your hairdresser cuts you, until the ends of the hair appear In full circle, and after finishing, you will take more tufts between your fingers to ensure smooth flow of hair.

If the hair is curly, you will follow the same steps, but some prefer the new method of cutting tufts by hand, and use the comb only once before cutting, which is completely wet.

You can use the blowdryer at the end to make sure that you achieve a full scalp look, so you should not over-shear it, even if you need to trim some edges afterwards.

You and your daughter

Long hair is easy to cut, both types: curly and straight, so if your hair reaches or crosses the shoulder barrier, you will need a brush, scissors and three thin plastic ties.

You will wash your hair well with shampoo, then moisturize it with conditioner, to be soft, and if the hair is straight, you can cut it dry while making sure to comb it well without pain.

After making sure there are no tangles, comb the hair from the back of the head to the front, keeping it circular to the sides. Place the first tie at the front of the head in the middle, just as an inverted "ponytail" hairdo.

After fixing, put the second tie in the middle of the "ponytail" and before the beginning of the ends of different lengths, then put the last tie at the part you intend to cut, and start cutting over the tie, not the bottom, to enable you to hair.

Take off the ties, start defining a circle in the front of the head, it starts thin at the ear, and its depth increases in the middle of the forehead, and wrap the hair between your hands to form a tuft, and install the scissors vertically on it, and cut them evenly, and do not cut them once horizontally.

If the hair is short, you will use one bundle, or two depending on the length, then you should straighten it from the sides, dividing it in half from the front to the back of the head, and cut the sides of the same length, by lifting the tuft of hair to be slightly inclined towards the chin, then cutting vertically, with commitment to the rest Steps to get hair included.

Your little one's hair

You will need to reassure your child, distract him by watching a cartoon movie, and focus on not causing him pain, to get the job done quickly. Initially, don't start by cutting more than four centimeters, as children are less receptive to a new look. And if your child's hair is short, you can follow the same steps as the husband, but if it is long and straight, you can follow the current situation, with the rule to keep the same number of centimeters in each side.

If your child's hair is curly and shorter than the shoulder blade, you will cut it tress by the same size, in all directions, to get the same circular shape.