Venezuelan opposition refuses to participate in upcoming legislative elections

The Venezuelan Supreme Court on Friday (June 12th) appointed new members to head the national electoral commission to oversee the legislative elections. REUTERS / Manaure Quintero

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In Venezuela, the majority opposition in Parliament announced on Sunday June 14 that it would not participate in the next legislative elections scheduled for the end of the year. In question: the appointment, Friday, of a new National Electoral Council by the Supreme Court of Justice deemed acquired by President Nicolas Maduro.


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“  The dictatorship does not want elections.  This is the title of the press release from eleven opposition parties to reject the appointment, Friday, June 12, of a new National Electoral Council. The Supreme Court of Justice appointed the new members, including a new president sanctioned by Canada.

For the opposition, which accuses the TSJ of being acquired from Nicolas Maduro, this nomination is a “  usurpation of the attributions  ” of the National Assembly. Because according to the Constitution, it is indeed for Parliament to choose the new rectors of the National Electoral Council. But the Supreme Court has arrogated this prerogative because since 2016, it judges null all the decisions taken by the National assembly where the opposition is majority.

This appointment therefore marks the failure of negotiations between the government and the opposition to appoint a new National Electoral Council in good and due form and risks worsening the political crisis in Venezuela.

In fact, the opposition announces that it will not participate in the next legislative elections scheduled for this year. She denounces the “ dictatorial pretension  ” of this election and denounces the  will of the government to organize “  a new electoral farce  ”.

For the moment, no date has been officially communicated for this legislative poll which must be held by the end of the year.

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