“The boy stared at the clothes hanger in the sauna bathroom and asked,‘ What does a cat do when it stops sleeping? Nau-strike 'This was invented by a boy, was only 6 years old. ”

Mother of DI

“The daughter was 4 years old. There was a grandfather and grandma in the sauna. The girl had looked at the thunder and shouted, 'Uki's pippel is broken, the fathers don't.' After coming out of the sauna, the girl wondered about such 'breaks' and asked: 'Has another pippi broken any?' ”

The mother of a ready-to-speak child

“Our lyche once said when the village’s so-called the talker came up, 'Daddy!' Yeah wasn’t the child’s father, and no appearance there at all. I have to admit, I was ashamed and I guess I even glared at the dirt that my mouth closed. The girl was 2 years old. ”

No nickname

“This happened sometime back in the 60s, I guess I was something a couple to three years old and got to a school Christmas party with my mom. It was the kind of little village school with a young childless teacher couple. In the middle of the party, I had escaped from my mother and ran to the male teacher who was speaking and shouted, 'Dad, Dad, Dad!' It laughed after all, but it might have blown my mother a little in it. In my defense, that teacher was undeniably a man looking like my father, balding at a young age. ”

It hurts

Photo: Colourbox

“The sister (3 years old) was on the pier in the summer watching her father’s angling fish still moving in the bucket. Then he asked the fish, 'What are you doing there, are you swimming?'

Nature (a little too) close

“I was 4 years old and we were with my father, mother and brother a year younger at the cottage in the beach sauna. I was thoughtfully considered the little brother of the father and after, when they ran naked from the pier to swim and said the same finger pointing at his own crotch:! 'Then, when I'm big, so correct me grow big tuommonen, just like the father is' Well, luckily it didn't grow. ”

Big then

“My 5-year-old cousin couldn’t say the letter k at the beginning of the word. He was with us to spend the weekend, and when I came home, I asked the little man what they had been up to during the day and where my aunt had gone. In that excitement, Timo said: ‘We were in the woods during the day waking up to the pubic area. Aunt Stink went into the throw to throw me a hook and tap eggs! ' It's so memorable! ”

No matter the letters

“The men had been in the deer forest for a day. In the evening, four-year-old Mikke asked if the deer now had a moment of rest. ”


“In Turku, the so-called In front of the KOP triangle, a mother and a girl about 5 years old were walking towards the bus stops when the girl was left staring after a woman wearing a skirt. Mom had already been meters away when the girl pointed with her finger and shouted loudly, 'Mom, that aunt doesn't have pants!' Since then I have personally taken more often to wear a skirt! "

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