Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven rejects criticism of the country's interest rate strategy.

Löfven said in an interview with Swedish television SVT on Sunday night that the strategy has not failed, even though 4,874 people have already died of the disease caused by the coronavirus, according to official statistics.

- It is not. The number of intensive care patients is falling, and the number of deaths is falling, the prime minister stressed.

Sweden's approach to treating the epidemic has differed significantly from other European countries. Compared to Finland, for example, the country has had much looser restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus.

According to Löfven, views on the issue have been divided at the international level and interest in the Swedish strategy has also been shown abroad. According to him, final conclusions on the effectiveness of the strategy should not be made at this stage.

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- We will not receive a full assessment until later. We are in the middle of a crisis, Löfven summed up.

According to him, mortality statistics are now at a normal level compared to the season.

- It must be seen whether a person died with or with a crown. We are very careful in our own reporting.

In Sweden, the number of new corona cases is growing, but this is due to a significant increase in the number of tests, according to Löfven.

- There are countries where it is more difficult than ours, and in some the situation is better. When compared to other Nordic countries, the difference is quite clear.

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