Representative of Tokyo Governor Eliwa Shinsengumi Taro Yamamoto announced his candidacy on June 15, 14:18

Reiwa Shinsengumi representative Taro Yamamoto held a press conference in the National Assembly and announced that he would run for the Tokyo Governor's election announced this week.

Regarding the Tokyo Governor's election,
▽ Mr. Yuriko Koike (67), who is incumbent, has expressed his candidacy for re-election, ▽ Mr. Kenji Utsunomiya (73), former chairman of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, ▽ Kumamoto Former Deputy Governor of the prefecture, Taisuke Ono (46), Mr. Takashi Tachibana (52), the party leader who protects the people from NHK, is also planning to run.

In addition, the following 13 people have so far announced their candidacy.
▽Mr. Hitoshi Ishii (55) (no new)
▽ Koji Ichikawa (58) (various new)
▽ Kenichi Iwahashi (52) (no new)
▽ Hiroshi Kakuyama (46) (no new)
▽ Sakurai Makoto (48) (various new)
▽ Hideyuki Takemoto (64) (none new)
▽ Ikuhiro Nagasawa (34) (none new)
▽ Hiroko Nanami (35) (new new)
Makoto Nishimoto (33) (Military/New)
▽Mr. Mariko Kuda (54) (No/New)
▽Masayuki Hiratsuka (38) (Military/New)
▽Makoto Furuta (73) (Military/New)
▽Mr. Setsuo Yamaguchi (70) ) (None/new)