The government announced on Monday that SAS and Swedavia will receive crisis support of SEK 5 and 3.15 billion respectively.

At the same time, the news came that the state-owned company Swedavia, which owns and operates ten airports in Sweden, is stopping the expansion of Arlanda - something that is supported by the government.

"Going forward with plans to expand capacity is not in line with using taxpayers' money effectively," said Finance Minister Per Bolund (MP) during the press conference.

Elisabeth Svantesson, Moderate's economic policy spokesperson, welcomes the government's crisis package to SAS. At the same time, she now sharply criticizes the Social Democrats - who she believes have laid themselves flat for the Environmental Party's demands in the negotiations on Arlanda.

- What upsets me is that there has obviously been a negotiation where the MP has got through that Arlanda will not be expanded, says Elisabeth Svantesson and continues:

- It was cow trading with two incredibly important issues for Sweden. Both to have an airline that works and to expand Arlanda. That is a very unfortunate message from the government today.

"It's unfortunate"

For the Express, the Environmental Party's climate policy spokesman Lorentz Tovatt confirms that the party gave green light to the SAS billions, with the condition that the expansion of Arlanda was stopped.

Something that causes Elisabeth Svantesson to go on a hard attack against S.

- Now MP controls this issue, migration and defense. It's unfortunate that they have that influence and that S gives them that, says Elisabeth Svantesson.

But that MP would have had the last word on the issue rejected by S, L and C.

- There is no such decision, says Business Minister Ibrahim Baylan (S) to Expressen.

"Strikes the capacity ceiling"

The Social Democrats' message has previously been that Arlanda should be expanded. But conditions have changed "completely" in the wake of the corona pandemic, Baylan said at the press conference.

But according to Elisabeth Svantesson, it is in a hurry. If the expansion is stopped, it risks having major consequences for Sweden and the Swedish economy, she says.

- We need to strengthen our growth as we emerge from this crisis. Then an expanded Arlanda is a very important part of it.