There is clearly a new sheriff in town. After the first few hours of questioning in the lower house with the Prime Minister, the reviews were almost consistent.

"Starmer was impressive," an unnamed minister in the Tory government told the Times.

Picked home points

Sir Keir (he was honored in 2014 for his work as a prosecutor) undoubtedly benefited from his past as a lawyer when he calmly and methodically revealed the weaknesses of the Prime Minister's crisis management during the corona pandemic. Keir Starmer took home point after point while an increasingly sweaty and perplexed Boris Johnson stood unresponsive. The new dynamic was so obvious that the Labor leader was even praised by the arch-conservative newspaper Daily Telegraph.

Because of the corona pandemic, there has been a stir in the benches in Parliament's lower house. And that's what the low-key Keir Starmer has won on, the van he is in silent courtrooms. Boris Johnson, on the other hand, thrives on being the best in front of a large audience and seems to have missed his tantalizing party-mates who curb their opponents.

Possible prime minister

The new Labor leader has had a tear start and is progressing in opinion polls. According to YouGov, 48 percent of those surveyed think that Sir Keir is doing well, an increase of 8 percentage points compared to a month ago. 43 percent think Boris Johnson is doing a good job, down 14 percentage points.

So does Keir Starmer benefit, but how far can success take him? The answer is that more and more people see Sir Keir as a possible future prime minister. 40 percent according to YouGov, while 32 percent do not. For the Labor Party things are not going so well. A quarter of those surveyed see Labor as governmental, while more than half think the opposite.

What happens after the pandemic?

But there are signs that the honeymoon is about to end. Many agree that Keir Starmer has shown the forefront in his criticism of the government's corona crisis management. But where are their own ideas and visions? And what happens when the corona pandemic is over? In addition, the next British parliamentary elections are scheduled to take place only by 2024. Much can happen before then.