Everyone must have at times been horrified by the combination of worn-out sandals and tennis socks that has been considered one of the worst styles. Now, however, this phenomenon also seems to be emerging as a new trend that can be seen on the feet of many style-conscious people this summer.

Now, very simple and classic sandals are combined with socks whose existence cannot be mistaken. The socks can be restrained like sandals or brightly colored and mesh fabrics, so the detail is sure not to go unnoticed by anyone. Prints can also be found.

The sock-sandal combination works with both jeans and a watch skirt. For style to stay fresh and different from old-fashioned sock-sandal imagery, both of these outfits need to be neat and stylish. Old sandals and dirty, worn socks dangling from the edges are more reminiscent of a style suit than a trend hit.

Photos: Manufacturers and distributors