China News Service, June 14th, according to the European media quoted by Greek media reports, the Greek Ministry of Health announced on the afternoon of June 13th local time that Greece has added 4 new patients with new coronavirus pneumonia, and a total of 3112 cases have been diagnosed; the total number of deaths is 183. Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis visited the popular tourist island of Santorini on the 13th and announced that Greece will reopen and start the tourist season.

  Earlier, the Greek government announced on the 12th that it will fully open all airports on July 1 to allow flights from abroad to reach any border crossing, and all ferries will also begin operations from that day.

  Mizotakis said in an inspection of the hospital in Thira, Santorini, that Greece will usher in a critical summer. The goal of the authorities is to welcome tourists without compromising security. He said, "We have made the best preparations and I believe everything will be fine. It is very important to show the safe and organized image of tourists to Greece in the summer."

  According to the border reopening plan announced by the Greek authorities, from June 15th, passengers from dozens of countries will be allowed to enter Greece via Athens International Airport or Thessaloniki International Airport.

  Greek Minister of Tourism Theo Harris and Minister of Health Kiquilias announced the latest border opening measures at the briefing, which also include:

  --- From July 1st, all airports in Greece will be fully open to flights from abroad;

  ---From June 15th, flights from Italy, Spain and the Netherlands to and from Athens International Airport will be allowed to resume, but at least until the end of June, flights from the United Kingdom and Turkey will still be banned;

  --- From July 1, except for cruise ships, all ships from foreign countries will be allowed to call at Greek ports, and the operation of passenger cruise ships will still be restricted until further decisions are made;

  --- From July 1, seven Greek land border stations will also be opened. But the Greek authorities did not specify the name of the border station.

  --- From July 1, passengers arriving in Greece from any location only need to undergo a random new crown test. If the test result is positive, the passenger will be quarantined for 14 days under the supervision of the health department. For the passengers who are sampled, they must stay in the designated hotel to wait for the test results.

  In addition, all passengers arriving in Greece must fill out an electronic form and attach contact information.

  Theo Harris said that the plan of the Greek authorities is comprehensive and emergency drills have been carried out on different situations. He said that the authorities have sent more medical staff to the island and set up enough beds, and that the local area can also quickly conduct virus sample tests. (Liang Manyu)