Beijing (AP) - In China, the fear of another major outbreak of the corona virus is growing. The national health authority said 57 new Covid-19 cases were confirmed on Saturday, including 19 "imported" cases of Sars-CoV-2 in travelers and 38 local infections, the official news agency Xinhua reported on Sunday.

Since April, China has not reported such a high number of newly infected people in one day. Of the domestic cases, 36 were registered in Beijing and two in Liaoning Province. No deaths related to the disease have been reported.

On Saturday, 45 infections had already been discovered in a wholesale market in the Chinese capital after 500 tests. The Xinfadi market in the Fengtai district, which supplies around 90 percent of the vegetables and fruits of the 20 million metropolis, was closed. In the area, eleven residential quarters were cordoned off and nine kindergartens and primary schools closed. Around 10,000 dealers and market employees are to be tested.

The Xinfadi market is the largest in Beijing and has an area of ​​112 hectares - the equivalent of around 150 soccer fields. It should be "comprehensively disinfected". The newspaper "Global Times" cited experts who believe that the supply of food to the capital should be affected.

The new cases raised fears of a second wave with the virus in China, which has so far largely managed the outbreak. In Beijing, all security measures were tightened immediately. China recently reported only a few infections, most of which were imported from abroad. China's capital had been particularly protected since the pandemic in Wuhan, central China, six months ago, and was more isolated from the rest of the country than other cities. The strict security measures had only been relaxed a few weeks ago.

As of Saturday, a total of 83,132 corona infections were confirmed in China, and 4,634 people infected with the virus died.

Already in Wuhan, a seafood market, where wild animals had also been sold, was suspected to be the possible source of the outbreak of the lung disease Covid-19, which has spread throughout the world since then. More than seven million infections have been counted worldwide, more than 400,000 people have died.

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