It has been found that petitions officially referred to the National Assembly after the National Consent Petition System, such as the Old Hara Act, have been scrapped with the start of the 21st National Assembly.

The explanation is the same as the legislation proposed by the National Assembly, but it is pointed out that it is necessary to amend the automatic revocation clause only for petitions as it limits the rights of the people.

According to the National Assembly on the 14th, a total of seven petitions were submitted to the standing committee of the 20th National Assembly with over 100,000 consent after the implementation of the National Consent Petition System in January.

Among these, two petitions were completed after the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction:'Complaints on the resolution of digital sexual crimes occurring in telegrams' related to the nth case, and'Petitions for strengthening sex crimes punishment for minors through telegrams and disclosure of new cases'. .

The petition was abolished without appealing to the plenary on the judgment that the purpose of the proposed law was reflected.

The other five did not cross the standing threshold.

Among the petitions that remained in a pending state and were automatically scrapped was the so-called'Gahhara Act', which prevents parents who neglect their support obligations from inheriting property.

The petition filed by the deceased older brother Guho-in's petition in March gained more than 100,000 consent, but it was automatically abolished on the 19th of last month as the judicial proceedings continued to decide.

In addition, ▲Enactment of the punishment law for cyber sexual crimes such as n room ▲Presidential impeachment of President Moon Jae-in ▲Opposition of President Moon Jae-in's impeachment petition ▲Petition for deprivation of Chinese permanent resident's voting right was also abolished.

The National Assembly said that the National Assembly Act should be revised to seek ways to improve it.

Earlier, in 2017, even if former Assemblyman Lee Ju-young of the future Congressional Party expires, the petition representatively proposed a partial amendment to the National Assembly Act that would continue to be reviewed by the next National Assembly, but the bill was also abolished at the end of the 20th term.