Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has reaffirmed the Federal Government's determination to fight extremism. "Our political system and peaceful coexistence are based on fundamental values," said Merkel in a greeting at a virtual conference of the American Jewish Committee. "And anti-Semitism and racism, hatred and agitation, whether on social media or on the street, are incompatible with these values. We, government and society, have to counteract such excesses with all our might and strength," she said

There have been "bitter setbacks" in recent years, the Chancellor said. In particular, the attack on the synagogue in Halle on October 9, 2019 had "deeply shaken": "Such disgusting attacks target the heart of our democracy." Jews should feel free and safe in Germany, Merkel emphasized: "They should be able to live their faith and culture openly."

This responsibility also includes standing up for Israel's security, she said. This is not negotiable. However, lasting peace in the Middle East could only be achieved through "understanding between peoples and a negotiated two-state solution," said Merkel. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also pledged support for Israel in his greeting. "The United States will always support Israel's right to defend itself," said Pompeo.

The American Jewish non-governmental organization American Jewish Committee is committed to the interests of Israel, Jewish security, democracy, human rights and international understanding. It was founded in 1906 by American Jews, mainly of German origin.