China News Service, June 13 (Xinhua) According to real-time statistical data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 9:33 on June 13, Beijing time, there were more than 7.62 million confirmed cases in the new crown worldwide, and a total of more than 425,000 deaths. . The WHO warned that some countries may have a second wave of outbreaks; the director of the US Centers for Disease Control said the pandemic is not over; Italy held the first football match after the unblocking; the Middle East epidemic "rebounded" significantly; the African epidemic continued to deteriorate.

Data graph: Tan Desai, Director-General of WHO. Photo courtesy of China News Service

  WHO: A second wave of outbreaks may occur in some countries

  On the 12th local time, Ryan, the head of the World Health Organization’s health emergency project, said that most parts of the world are still in the first wave of outbreaks, but the spread of the disease has not been reduced to a sufficiently low level and has been maintained. The increase in cases can symbolize the second wave of outbreaks or the second peak.

  Ryan pointed out that this situation has occurred in many countries, which may be related to the failure to maintain sufficient social distance and the failure to fully detect and isolate suspected cases after restarting society and regrouping.

  In addition, WHO Director General Tan Desai called on countries, especially low- and middle-income countries, to guarantee women, children and adolescents access to necessary health services during the new crown epidemic.

On June 10th, local time, Miami Beach, Florida closed for the first time nearly three months after it was closed. Staff were present to remind visitors to enjoy the sunny beaches while maintaining a social distance.

 Director of the US Centers for Disease Control: The pandemic is not over

  Brazil epidemic is spreading to small and medium cities

  At present, there are over 2.04 million diagnosed cases and over 114,000 deaths in the United States. Five states in the United States have more than 100,000 confirmed cases, including New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois and Massachusetts, of which more than 380,000 cases have been diagnosed in New York.

  On the 12th local time, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the latest interim guidance for preventing the spread of new coronavirus, suggesting that people continue to maintain a social distance of 6 feet (near 2 meters) as much as possible and wash their hands frequently. The guide does not recommend that people avoid large gatherings, but it is recommended to wear masks to cover the face.

  Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control, said, "I know people are eager to return to normal activities and the original lifestyle." However, he also called on the public to remember that "the pandemic is not over yet."

  In Latin America, the epidemic is still grim. According to data from the Brazilian Ministry of Health on the 12th, more than 820,000 cases have been diagnosed in the country, with a total of 41,828 deaths, second only to the United States. Brazilian media also reported that the new crown epidemic has spread to 81% of cities and towns in Brazil, and is increasingly spreading to smaller cities.

Berlin Cathedral, one of the famous sights and landmarks in the German capital Berlin, has been reopened to tourists. The picture shows the afternoon of June 12, a cruise ship is driving in front of Berlin Cathedral. China News Service reporter Peng Dawei

  Italy hosts the first football match after unblocking

  The situation in Sweden is not optimistic

  At present, the epidemic situation in most parts of Europe continues to improve. Many countries, including Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Greece, and Germany, have announced the reopening of some borders or will soon open borders to expand internal European personnel and cargo. Contacts, thus boosting the economy.

  On the 12th, the second round of the Italian Cup semi-finals was restarted in Turin, and Juventus played against AC Milan at home. In order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention, the game was held in an empty field. This is the first football game in Italy that was restored after being affected by the epidemic situation and implemented strict anti-epidemic measures.

  However, the situation in Sweden in Northern Europe is still grim. On the 12th, Sweden added 1,396 confirmed cases, with a total of 49,684 cases diagnosed. At present, Sweden has extended the entry ban until June 30. At the same time, Sweden's neighbors, Norway, Denmark and Finland have all added Swedish tourists to the unpopular list.

On June 6, local time, a shopping mall in Tokyo, Japan, disinfected customers entering the store. China News Agency reporter Lu Shaowei

Japan recovers economy through large budget

  Indian slum infections continue

  At present, the epidemic situation in most countries in Asia has stabilized, and many countries are focusing on economic recovery. On the 12th, Japan adopted Japan’s second supplementary budget for 2020 to address the new crown epidemic, with a total of nearly 32 trillion yen. The budget will be used to support employment and commercial rents to ease the economic impact of the epidemic.

  In Singapore, in view of the slowdown of the epidemic, the government of the country is expected to enter the second phase of unblocking as planned by the end of June. By then, most commercial activities including retail, dining, dining, and stadiums can be restarted.

  However, the situation in India remains severe. Talavi slums in Mumbai added 29 confirmed cases, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases rose to 2013. At present, the number of confirmed cases in Mumbai has exceeded 55,000, making it the most severely affected city in India, accounting for nearly one-fifth of the total number of cases in India.

Data map: South Africa under the epidemic. China News Agency reporter Wang Xishe

Middle East epidemic "rebound" is obvious

  South Africa confirmed more than 60,000 cases

  Recently, the epidemic in the Middle East continues to show a "rebound" trend. On June 12, Turkey added 1,195 confirmed cases, and this is the first time since May 30 that the country's newly confirmed cases exceeded 1,000 for the first time.

  Saudi Arabia added 3,921 newly diagnosed cases on the 12th, and the number of new cases in a single day reached a new high. The epidemic in Riyadh, the capital, is particularly not optimistic. The number of new cases continued to rise in a single day, reaching 1584 cases.

  According to the latest data from the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 218,000 cases have been diagnosed and 5791 deaths have been diagnosed in Africa. At present, the epidemic situation in South Africa is rapidly spreading. On the 12th, 3359 new cases were confirmed, making the country's new crown confirmed cases exceed 60,000.