China News Agency, London, June 12 (Zhao Xingyiping) The National Bureau of Statistics released data on the 12th. Affected by the "epidemic blockade", UK GDP fell by 20.4% in April this year, the largest decline since a record in 1997. .

  The data shows that in April, the service industry, which dominated the UK economy, fell by 19%, the manufacturing industry fell by 24.3%, and the construction industry fell by 40.1%. The overall economy was severely affected by the new coronavirus epidemic. Following the 5.8% decline in March this year, the UK’s GDP fell by 20.4% in April, and was described by the British media as the "most severe drop" in economic history.

  According to Jonathan Athao, deputy national statistician of the National Bureau of Statistics of the United Kingdom, "GDP fell more than three times in April this year compared with last month." This "historical" decline has affected almost all areas of economic activity, "the bar, education, medical and automotive sales industries have been the most affected."

  Economists expect that from April to June this year, the British economy will experience a greater decline, thereby causing the British economy to fall into a deep recession. This may be the worst economic recession in 300 years that Britain has faced since the "Great Frost" caused Europe to experience the worst recession in 1709.

  After the release of the National Bureau of Statistics data, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson immediately confessed to the media, "We have always been convinced that the new coronavirus epidemic is a very serious public health crisis, and at the same time will have a huge economic chain reaction. My decline in GDP "I am not surprised and surprised", "The British economy will definitely rebound".

  British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rick Sunak said, "Like many other economies in the world, the new coronavirus is having a serious impact on the British economy." We have protected thousands of companies and millions of jobs through vacation plans, financial assistance, loans, and tax cuts, which gives us the best opportunity for rapid recovery when the economy reopens. Once the bustling commercial street The store reopens and life will gradually return to normal.

  Jonathan said that both the National Bureau of Statistics survey data and broader indicators show that "economic activity is heating up, but it is too early to know how quickly economic activity will recover in the next few months." (End)