The hot weather has wildened school-age children in Finland on Saturday.

Thoughtless behavior has employed the authorities.

First, a three-year-old escaped on his own roads, and just when he was found, two four-year-olds disappeared.

In Kauhajoki, Ostrobothnia, a 3-year-old who had been missing for three hours was found walking around the crocsi on a forest road three kilometers from his home.

At the same time, the worst was feared in Kontiolahti in North Karelia.

At 12.05, the emergency center received notification of two children about four years old who were believed to have been caught in a small pond.

The children had disappeared from one of their homes. They were friends, not siblings.

- We had a surface lifeguard examining the pond and the units toured the shores, says firefighter Ari-Pekka Luomala from the North Karelia Rescue Department.

The emergency was great, and the worst was feared when a small duo, who had been missing for about half an hour from the start of the search, was found. Healthy and playful.

- They had gone home to one of them, which was within walking distance, Luomala says.

The changed address of the friend village had been forgotten to be mentioned in the original place of the friend village.

The adults had fallen off the flow of information.

- Data outage, Luomala says.

The surface diver was called out of the pond, the other firefighters off the shores, and life along the West in Kontiolahti on the side of Joensuu returned to its former resting streams.