Several child rights organizations are now responding to SVT's review of Sofie, 13, who was moved from the family home where she grew up to an HVB home against her will.

- There will be uncertainty, insecurity and it can also have major consequences for children if one does not make a custody transfer to the family home for a long time as in this case, says Erik Ulnes, a sociologist at Save the Children.

Sofie has grown up in a family home, but was suddenly moved from there when the municipality canceled the placement in February. She then phoned several child rights organizations in an attempt to get help to come home to her family home. The ones she sees as mom and dad.

The social services then took away her mobile and computer and moved her to an HVB home far from her home municipality, with the motivation that she acted out and was "hostile".

Didn't get to talk to children's ombudsman

One of those who has acted is the Association for Children's Rights, which acts on behalf of children to assist them in public contacts.

- They have taken away the girl's mobile and computer, so we contacted both the social services and the HVB home. But they say it's privacy. What we are responding to is that it is a restriction to not have contact with the outside world, ”says Emma Wennerström, who is a social worker and children's ombudsman at the Children's Rights Office.

Can they do this?

- It depends on how you evaluated it, but generally no. The girl now does not have natural contacts such as friends, teachers, school or hobbies. Then it is a great restriction to take away the opportunity to have contact with their network, with their surroundings.

Criticism of IVO

The Inspectorate for Healthcare and Care, IVO, has not decided whether to raise the matter. But this is not the first time the municipality is up for inspection. As recently as April, they received criticism precisely for not including the children's perspective or listening to children in some of the investigated investigations.

Kenneth Persson (S) chairman of the Borlänge municipality's social committee does not want to answer SVT's questions, but writes in a press release that he has full confidence in his officials.

Footnote: Sofie is in fact something else.