In the Emmerdale TV series, Liam Fox, who plays Dan Spencer, has found his “lost brother” in Finland, more specifically in Alavieska Farm Village.

The matter came to light when Fox was a guest on the Good Morning Britain program in early June.

Fox showed video material in the program, featuring Veli-Pekka Simonen from Alavieska.

The actress said she “slammed completely” about the similarity of the men.

Liam Fox with his wife pictured on the left. Finnish Veli-Pekka Simonen with his wife in the picture on the right.

The presenter of the program was also convinced that Fox's twin lives in Finland.

- The similarity is significant. Has your father visited Finland? this inquired.

- If you ever have to take time off from filming, you have a guy in it who can step on your boots, the presenter joked.

But how did Fox find out about the existence of his Finnish twin?

Let's call Veli-Pekka Simonen and ask.

- A mother-in-law noticed a couple of years ago that I look just like this Emmerdale actress. The matter has since been acknowledged in good faith by the family. Then I was having a birthday party and my wife decided to surprise me, Veli-Pekka explains.

- The wife tried to contact Liam himself first, but there were no Instagram accounts. They didn't know what was right. Eventually, he caught Liam’s wife and this one was immediately involved in the play.

Veli-Pekka received a video greeting from the Emmerdale star as a 40th anniversary gift, but the matter had not yet been finalized.

- Well, I then made a video for Liam when he turned 50 in early June. In my little heads, I filmed the video in my stiff English.

Veli-Pekka could not have imagined that Fox would show a congratulatory video on the popular morning program.

- I had no idea he was going to go and show it on video.

You are now quite well known in England. What does popularity taste like?

- I guess I have to quote Liam at this point and say that I was also completely pissed when I heard about it, Veli-Pekka laughs.

Although Brother-Pekka is now officially Liam Fox's twin, Emmerdale has still not been watched.

- I've never watched a program. I recognize the primordial theme. Of the actors, I have no idea. One should probably look enough to see if that Liam character is good or evil, the man grins.

The Good Morning program stated that you would qualify as a successor to Fox. Would you leave if asked?

- Absolutely.

Your wife gave a pretty memorable birthday present. Was there pressure to come up with something as special when she has a birthday?

- I gave him a massage gift card in advance, but when I found out, it started to feel pretty boring. Something here has to be invented now.