Johannes Hösflot Kläbo would like to renew cross-country skiing in a way that would bring the sport even more visibility and popularity.

Kläbo, 23, even speaks out loud about the death of skiing if the sport just stops for the present and does not think about the future with possible reforms.

When asked about concrete reform proposals, Norwegian star Kläbo's answers are politically round. Still, he says he’s open to progress if they serve skiing in the big picture.

From time to time, behind the scenes of skiing, the idea of ​​ending the traditional skiing competitions at the top level has been thrown into the air. The topic is also familiar to Kläbo.

- I think ending traditional skiing is sad talk.

- We have space for both types of skiing. Perhaps the reform in this case could be that we would have some race weekends dedicated solely to skating and some weekends only to the traditional, Kläbo says.

Iivo Niskanen progressed in the traditional skiing way in the Ruka sprint in 2019.

Photo: Heikki Saukkomaa / Lehtikuva

One of the already known “reforms” is the ban on fluoride creams, which was due to enter into force at its peak from 2020-21.

Since then, the International Ski Federation (FIS) has decided to take an overtime ban. According to the FIS, fluoride-free will only be achieved after a two-year transition period.

Underlying this is the EU's policy of banning the use and sale of certain types of fluoride creams that are harmful to health and the environment in its territory from July.

What makes the ban on fluoride cream problematic is that it is known that there is no gap-free testing system for the use of substances.

- This is a difficult debate ... I think the most important thing would be for everyone to be in the same situation. Everyone should commit to a ban and testing should be organized for everyone in the same way as in doping control.

- In any case, the effect as a deceleration factor is huge when the skis are free of fluoride cream. Therefore, treatment must be equal for everyone, Kläbo insists.