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exactly the scene of the North American summit in Singapore two years ago today (12th). Global attention was focused on the nuclear talks of the two leaders.

[US President Trump: We believe the talks are going to be very good.]

[Kim Jong-un, North Korea's Chairman of State: We have overcome everything and came to this spot.] The

two leaders agreed on a general denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula at the time and the establishment of a new North American relationship. However, the concrete denuclearization roadmap, especially the issue of'unsanctions', creaked and finally failed to reach an agreement in Hanoi last year. Although the expectations of the North and South America have risen for a while at the Panmunjom meeting, the cold breeze between North America is getting stronger, and today North Korea has issued a warning to the United States. "Is it necessary to keep my hand held in Singapore, I can't give you any more propaganda without cost?"

Reporter Kim A-young reports.


On the 2nd anniversary of the 6/12 summit, Foreign Minister Lee Seon-kwon of North Korea announced the first talks with the United States.

On the 732th, Foreign Minister Lee picked up to the date and said hope was hopelessly desperate and their answer was clear.

He said North Korea's strategic goal is to cultivate greater power for the long-term military threat management of the United States.

The strategic goal is the expression used to describe the so-called nuclear armed forces.

It seems that it is also trying to remind of the possibility of provocation, while reaffirming the key to strengthening forces such as nuclear and ICBM development.

It also mentioned the possibility of regression prior to the Singapore agreement.

The friendship between the leaders hasn't improved, but he asked if he needed to hold his hand in Singapore, and called President Trump as the White House owner and US ruler, saying he would not throw a propaganda without a price again.

[Yang Moo-Jin/Professor, North Korea Graduate School: Corona Jungkook's tiredness is accumulated, and in particular, his emotions are only aggravated in a very difficult situation due to North Korean pressure, and furthermore, if he touches them, he can be more angry... .]

However, if you turn over the expression that you will not give without a price, it will be read with the expectation of the price.

North Korea also disagreed with the discourse of Kim Ye-jeong, who criticized South Korea, and did not put the talks of Lee Seon-gwon in the labor newspapers.

While choosing a clear confrontation with South Korea, it seems that the United States intends to gradually increase its level by looking at future responses.

(Video editing: Seungjin Lee)