Kabul (dpa) - At least four people were killed in a bomb in a mosque in Afghanistan's capital Kabul. A spokesman for the Interior Ministry said that the preacher was among the dead.

Eight other people were injured. At first, nobody accused himself of the fact. The attack occurred in the west of the city, where the majority of the Shiites live. A month ago there was an attack on a hospital nearby. At that time, at least 25 people were killed, including mothers with newborn children. Nobody acknowledged the fact that caused international horror. However, the US accused the Islamic State (IS) terror group, which is active in Afghanistan alongside the Islamist Taliban.

IS claimed another bomb attack in a mosque ten days ago in which a clergyman was killed. ISIS repeatedly attacks civilians and religious minorities in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, peace talks between the government and the Taliban are planned to end the conflict in the country. However, President Aschraf Ghani said on Thursday that the threat posed by terrorist groups such as IS and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan will not stop after a peace with the Taliban. The intra-Afghan peace talks were agreed in an agreement between the United States and the Taliban about three months ago.