• Courts.Villarejo declares that the 'pendrive' against the Pujols was delivered by a detective who was angry with his company
  • The trial: the judge sits the old police cupola on the bench for the Pujol pendrive against fiscal criteria

Podemos will maintain the accusation for three crimes against the former deputy operational director (DAO) of the National Police Eugenio Pino . The trial for his alleged maneuver by Pino to introduce Jordi Pujol Ferrusola's investigation into the National Court investigation, information of illicit origin, concluded the trial phase on Thursday. On Friday, the parties will present their final requests.

In the case of the affected, Jordi Pujol Ferrusola will maintain his request for two and a half years in prison for a crime of discovery and disclosure of secrets. He attributes it to both Pino and the other policeman sitting on the bench, the chief inspector under his command Bonifacio Díez .

In the case of Podemos, the political formation initially claimed 10 and a half years for each accused for three crimes. To the discovery and disclosure of secrets he added those of false testimony and procedural fraud. Legal sources indicate that the intention of the political formation is to withdraw the crime of false testimony from the subordinate and to leave his request for sentence at around six years. And also lower the crime of procedural fraud to the degree of attempt.

As for Pino, the reduction would be limited to that referring to the attempt and the final request for a sentence would be around seven and a half years. The political formation places the former number 2 of the Police as part of the patriotic police that worked with the popular Jorge Fernández Díaz in the Ministry of the interior .

As for the session on Thursday, the head of the Udef appeared in 2015, when the USB key with data from Jordi Pujol arrived at that unit. Manuel Vázquez has testified that it was the defendant Bonifacio Díaz who gave him the flash drive, something that he denied in his statement.

On the initial origin of the data, two former detectives of the agency Method 3 have declared, candidates to have been they who gave the Police the pendrive with data that the agency had obtained. Both have acknowledged that they collaborated with the Police, but that they never gave a digital memory that included data from the Pujol.

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