China News, June 11 comprehensive report, real-time statistics of Johns Hopkins University in the United States showed that as of 11:33 on June 11, Beijing time, there were more than 7.36 million confirmed cases in the new crown worldwide, and the cumulative deaths exceeded 41.6 Ten thousand cases. The cumulative number of diagnoses in the United States exceeds 2 million; the UN General Assembly will be held for the first time in the form of video; the epidemic situation in many countries in Europe and Asia continues to improve; the epidemic situation in some countries in the Middle East has rebounded; the cumulative number of diagnoses in Africa exceeds 200,000.

On June 8, local time, the shops of New York Jewelry Street opened. China News Agency reporter Liao Panshe

The cumulative number of diagnosed cases in the United States exceeds 2 million

Experts warn that high case rates may reappear

  At present, more than 2 million new crown cases have been diagnosed in the United States and more than 112,000 deaths have occurred. The most severely diagnosed cases in New York State have exceeded 380,000 cases, and the deaths have exceeded 30,000.

  On the 10th, Hong Bopei, the former US ambassador to China, said that his new coronavirus test was positive and showed some typical symptoms and is currently being quarantined.

  At present, many states in the United States have relaxed the epidemic prevention restrictions that have been implemented since March. But because there is no vaccine and more people are gathering in public places at the same time, health experts warn that the high case rate in the spring may reappear. Arizona has asked its hospital to initiate an emergency plan. The state health department said: "We know that the new crown is still in our community, and we expect more cases."

  In Latin America, Brazil has confirmed more than 770,000 cases. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development released an economic outlook report on the 10th, saying that Brazil's GDP in 2020 will be reduced by at least 7.4%.

Data map: World Health Organization Director General Tan Desai.

WHO: Asymptomatic people can spread the virus

The UN General Assembly will be held online for the first time

  In response to the controversy that WHO officials previously said that the transmission of new coronavirus asymptomatic patients is "very rare", WHO Director-General Tan Desai said on the 10th that asymptomatic patients can transmit the virus, but related research is still ongoing .

  Tan Desai said that at present, what we know is that finding, isolating and detecting people with symptoms, and tracking and isolating their contacts are the most critical ways to stop the spread.

  On the same day, the President of the United Nations General Assembly Mohammed Bandy announced in a letter to the UN member states that the relevant measures for epidemic prevention may continue by then, and the UN General Assembly originally scheduled for September will be held for the first time by video.

On June 2, local time, Bournemouth, England, a large number of tourists enjoy the good weather on the beach.

Yingyi further lifts restrictions

Germany extends travel warning for countries outside Europe

  The situation in Europe is gradually improving compared to the US where the epidemic is severe.

  According to data released by the Italian Civil Protection Department on the 10th, there were no new deaths in 10 of the 20 regions across the country. As the epidemic continues to improve, Italy will further relax its control measures from June 15.

  On the same day, the British Prime Minister Johnson also said that as confirmed cases and deaths of the new crown continue to decline, the government will gradually relax the isolation policy, including allowing some shops and some outdoor attractions in England to open.

  Although the epidemic situation slowed down, Germany remained cautious. The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on the 10th that it would extend travel warnings to countries and regions other than EU member states, Schengen countries and the United Kingdom until August 31, and remind the public if there is no Reasons that are absolutely necessary should avoid travel to locations outside the aforementioned countries.

On June 6, local time, people in Tokyo, Japan, shopped at the mall. China News Agency reporter Lu Shaowei

Japan plans to lift "Tokyo Alert"

Indian slum infections continue

  In Japan, in view of the decline in the number of new diagnoses in a single day, the capital Tokyo plans to discuss the lifting of the "Tokyo Alert" on the 11th, which will be lifted at 0:00 local time on the 12th at the earliest.

  Malaysia added 2 new confirmed cases on the 10th, which is the lowest number of newly confirmed cases in the country since March 1. In view of the slowdown of the epidemic, the Ministry of Education of Malaysia announced on the same day that it would allow schools to resume classes in stages.

  However, the situation in India's slums is not optimistic. On the 10th, there were 11 newly confirmed cases in the Talavi slums in Mumbai. The cumulative number of confirmed cases rose to 1964, while the cumulative number of cases in India has exceeded 276,000.

Saudi Arabia sets new record number of new cases in a single day

Over 200,000 confirmed cases in Africa

Data map: South Africa under the epidemic. China News Agency reporter Wang Xishe

  In the Middle East, the epidemic situation in some countries is showing a rebound trend.

  Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health announced on the 10th that the country had added 3,717 new confirmed cases on the same day, the largest increase in a single day since the outbreak, and the fifth consecutive day that Saudi Arabia had more than 3,000 new cases in a single day.

  The situation in Iraq is not optimistic. On the 10th, there were 1,146 newly diagnosed cases in the new crown, which increased to a total of 15,414. A spokesman for the country’s health ministry Badr said in a statement that Iraq is still at risk and the number of confirmed cases may continue to increase.

  According to the data of the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the cumulative number of newly diagnosed cases in Africa has exceeded 203,000, and the cumulative number of deaths is 5,530. At present, the two countries with the largest number of new crown cases in Africa are South Africa and Egypt.

  According to the Egyptian Ministry of Health, 38,284 new crown cases have been diagnosed in the country. Egypt is still in the two-week curfew, but on the 10th, Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Cultural Relics Anani said that Egypt is actively preparing to resume tourism for international tourists. (Finish)