“Colleagues already say that the first batches may appear in August, September, October, but experts say that mass vaccination is only possible closer to the new year, winter, and so on. Hope it comes sooner. Everyone is working on it as quickly as possible in these processes. But in general there is no doubt that such a vaccine will appear and will appear in the near future, ”he said.

As Sobyanin emphasized, it is not enough to conduct clinical trials and register a vaccine.

“We need to establish not just production, but mass production. That is, this production should be crammed with millions of doses ... To increase this volume, of course, it will take time, ”he explained.

Earlier, the director of the Gamalea Center Alexander Gunzburg said that, according to the results of testing the vaccine, virus-neutralizing antibodies were detected in all developers.

As noted in the government, mass vaccination against COVID-19 in Russia may begin in the fall.