The entrance to a gendarmerie barracks. (Illustration) - E. Frisullo / 20 Minutes

He threatened to set fire to the gendarmeries and to attack the gendarmes. The author of a telephone call, Wednesday evening at the operational center of the gendarmerie in Rodez, in Aveyron, did not preserve the anonymity which he sought to keep for a long time.

Identified by the operator on call, this sixty-something man, already known to the justice system, was quickly located.

The town of Curan, in Aveyron. - Maps4News

An important device was deployed around his home in Curan before his arrest. According to the gendarmerie of Aveyron, the suspect, alcoholic, was unable to explain his gesture. He will have the opportunity to do so again in the near future before the Rodez court.


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