New Corona Posting misinformation One after another the United Nations calls for caution 23:21 June 11

The UN referred to the results of research institutes regarding the posting of SNS on the new coronavirus that contained incorrect information and misleading expressions, and the spread of incorrect information caused discrimination and confusion. Called attention to cause it.

UNDP = United Nations Development Program released a report on the SNS post on the 10th containing misinformation and misleading expressions about the new coronavirus on the Internet.

According to that, the Bruno Kessler Institute in Italy analyzed more than 100 million tweets posted from January to March using machine learning and found that about 40% were lies, satire, political It is said that the information was sent from sources classified as "untrusted information sources".

According to a Reuters Journalism Institute survey, about one-third of those who use SNS say they have seen false or misleading information about the new coronavirus. is.

UNDP Governor Ahim Steiner urges governments to disseminate accurate information as "misleading information online not only undermines public health efforts, but also causes violence, discrimination and confusion." I called.