Vantaa-based Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen is one of the hottest names in the Counter-Strike video game right now. Olkkonen, who turns 19 in July, signed a two-year contract with the Finnish ENCE organization in April, but his career is limited by a ban on playing in major tournaments.

Olkkonen has been in the headlines in recent months due to his ban. He has sued the player giant Valve for considering the ban on play unjustified. Olkkonen is seeking the lifting of the ban on gambling and compensation for huge professional contracts he had previously lost through the courts.

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The ENCE player has been hailed as Finland's future CS superstar. Internationally, Olkkonen has received praise from, among others, the game's number one site, HLTV, which wrote a long story about a sniper rifle player last August.

Olkkonen's ban on games only came to light after the article was published. Valve's decision has divided opinions, but the majority seems to be on Olkkonen's side. Some and tournament chat chats have inevitably come across #FreeJamppi comments in recent months [release Jamppi].

Olkkonen joined the ENCE team in April with a two-year contract.

Photo: ENCE

The ban on games limits Olkkonen's playing career, but does not completely prevent him from competing. He is allowed to play in the biggest tournaments in the ranks of ENCE, but for example, he has to watch the major qualifiers that start after midsummer from the side again.

- The opportunity to give Elias the opportunity to compete against the best in the world was an easy solution for us in spite of everything. He is an extremely talented young player who deserves the opportunity and will certainly raise the level of our play as well, ENCE commented on the player’s contract in April.

  • Counter-Strike is a tactical first-person shooter game that is also very popular in Finland. There are large sums of money on the racing side of the game and big tournaments have millions of spectators. Race tournaments are played on a computer version.

Olkkonen's first weeks with ENCE have been successful, and the young man has been the center of attention. He has only a few weak map performances below, but a lot of videos showing great performances have been seen.

With ENCE, Olkkonen has won 9 games, played 2 draws and lost 2 matches. Last weekend, Olkkonen took the hardest achievement of his career when ENCE won the BLAST Showdown qualifier. The next time Olkkonen and ENCE are playing Midsummer week, when solving a half-million dollar BLAST Premier Series spring season champion.

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Olkkonen, who is relaxed, a little joking, but very competitive, has also gathered a lot of fans with his streams. Live broadcasts have seen incredible individual performances that have been widely shared by viewers on Some and Reddit in particular.

Below are four of Olkkonen's wild individual performances from 2020:

If the video does not appear above, watch it here.

If the video does not appear above, watch it here.

If the video does not appear above, watch it here.

If the video does not appear above, watch it here.

Prior to ENCE, Olkkonen represented the SJ team, which was the first professional team in his career. Already in SJ, Olkkonen got on the lips of many, but a breakthrough in international fields was not achieved.

The super promise had to be transferred to Oeksi led by Aleksi “Aleksib” in the autumn, but the transfer was canceled due to a ban on playing. Olkkonen was transferred to SJ's swap bench in December. The player's contract expired at the beginning of the year.

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