The government of US President Donald Trump wants to further limit the regulations for asylum seekers. The Ministry of Justice and Homeland Security have proposed, among other things, to "simplify" asylum procedures and increase the burden of proof for applicants. For example, applicants who entered the United States through a third country could be examined more closely to determine whether they had already applied for asylum in the third country. 

The changes are intended to more effectively separate unsubstantiated requests from those who are likely to succeed, a statement said. Judges should also be able to refuse asylum applications in certain cases without a hearing. With these changes, expert opinion would make it very difficult to obtain asylum in the United States.

"The aim of this asylum regulation is not to change the system in order to improve it, but to make asylum impossible," the broadcaster CNN quoted the immigration lawyer Aaron Reichlin-Melnick. According to the ministries involved, however, it is a matter of ensuring more efficient asylum procedures. 

The United States recently tightened immigration regulations for migrants at the borders with Canada and Mexico due to the coronavirus pandemic. Border guards have been able to send migrants back to their home countries since March after an illegal border crossing. The civil rights organization American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) had criticized that this tightening had nothing to do with the containment of the corona virus. "The president is determined to take advantage of a health crisis to achieve his long-held goal of ending asylum at the border," said a statement.