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The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, announced on Thursday the opening of an "internal investigation" in the coalition government that she is leading on the management of residences during the coronavirus crisis. Since March 8, 5,975 inmates with Covid-19 or symptoms of having it have died in these centers.

In the regional leader's team, they detail that said audit will begin with the request for a written report to each of the three councils that have had powers in the single command created in late March due to the high number of deaths that they were registering in the nursing homes: Health, Social Policies and Justice and Interior.

During the peak of the pandemic, Díaz Ayuso already warned that if it was shown that "negligence" had occurred, his pulse would not shake to make dismissals. "I have no problem stopping , but we are certain," he replied during a press conference with journalists on April 19.

However, this Thursday in the regional Parliament, the president has returned to defend that her government has done "humanly possible" during the crisis to save lives . To demonstrate this graphically, he has unfolded a continuous sheet of paper with the names of 501 nursing homes, 161 centers for the disabled and 88 religious where he assures that they have "acted" carrying protective material that the central executive has not provided.

"If we want to know what has happened and, above all, reinforce residences in the future, because we are going to live longer and because it is probably not the only virus that comes and devastates our country, of course we will be there to put the best, but from therefore they cannot say that the elderly have been left to die, " Ayuso defended during his speech in response to a question from Vox.

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