US President Donald Trump has announced that he will resume campaigning, even though the Corona virus is still spreading extensively in the country and killing more people every day, while figures show Latin America is entering a "new gloomy phase."

The latest figures show that the Corona virus has infected more than 7.3 million so far worldwide, 415 thousand and 545 of them died, while about 3.2 million have recovered.

A statistic told Reuters that the total number of Coronavirus infections in the United States exceeded the two-million mark on Wednesday, while health officials urged anyone who participated in the mass protests calling for ethnic justice to undergo examination.

Reuters analysis indicates that the new Corona injuries increased slightly after five weeks of decline.

This is partly due to further testing, which on June 5 hit a record high of 545,690 patients in one day, but has since fallen back.

The United States still records more than 20,000 new infections a day, and finds it difficult to reduce this number. During the last twenty-four hours, the United States recorded 1082 deaths from the Corona virus, and the total deaths exceeded 112,000, while more than 533,000 people were recovering.

Although the epidemic continues to spread, the US president announced that he would soon organize gatherings in four states - Florida, Arizona, North Carolina and Oklahoma.

Trump has never hidden his enthusiasm for the resumption of these gatherings, and he has been rooting for days that the American economy is taking a steady step towards recovery.

A bleak phase In Latin America, figures show that the Corona virus crisis has reached a bleak new stage, with total deaths exceeding 70,000.

Brazil - the largest economy in the region - remains the most affected country in Latin America with its death close to 40,000, making it the third highest mortality rate in the world after the United States and Britain.

As for Mexico - the second largest country in the region - it set a record high for new confirmed injuries amounted to 4883 yesterday, Wednesday, in addition to 708 deaths.

The Mexican Ministry of Health announced that the total number of injuries reached 129,184, and deaths reached 15,357.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified Latin America as a new outbreak for the virus, which began spreading before this year in China and soon spread to Europe and beyond.

Governments around the world acknowledge that the true number of infections is much greater than official statistics.

Latin American deaths totaled 70,972, and confirmed infections were 1.45 million. The outbreak is spreading rapidly in Peru, Chile and Colombia.