Mohammed, the owner of the restaurant that was burned in Ajman, told Al-Emarat Al-Youm that he was surprised by the initiative of his competitors, who raised a sum of money to help him to restore his restaurant and restore it to what it was previously, despite his financial ability to maintain it.

He added that his restaurant was burned a week ago due to a short circuit in the air conditioner, which led to the outbreak of fire, but the speed of the response of the civil defense teams prevented the spread of fire to the vicinity of the restaurant and control the fire in record time.

He added that there is a citizen from one of the Emirates, whose name is Khaled Matrouchi, the basis of a group chat via the "WhatsApp" application a period of time ago, to support citizens of owners of small projects, and allocated it to the owners of restaurants and cafes in the country, and joined him since its foundation, noting that the group contains more than 250 A citizen of the owners of restaurants citizens of all emirates of the state.

And that the owners of restaurants in Al-Qirub shared the news of the restaurant’s combustion through the chat group that it shares with them through the “WhatsApp” application, and after days of the restaurant burning, they surprised them by calling and informed him that they raised him a sum of money as a social initiative from them to support him in maintaining his restaurant to return to work as soon as possible as it was.

He pointed out that the amount is not in its total value but in its moral value, as the initiative of the owners of restaurants reveals the national spirit, social responsibility and the tender instilled in them, to stand with the needy in his ordeals and help him overcome them in times of crisis.

He explained that his restaurant is located in the Al-Jarf region in the Emirate of Ajman and specializes in popular cuisine, and it works by housewives to prepare all Gulf and Emirati food, thanks to all members of the group who took the initiative to help him to speed up the maintenance of the restaurant and return to his previous era.

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