• Controversy: Prince Joaquin of Belgium, positive in Covid, was not at a party with 27 people, but in two with about 15 in each
  • Quarantine Prince Joaquin of Belgium, with Covid-19 at a party in Córdoba skipping quarantine
  • Controversial.Religious and fashion lover, this is the Cordovan bride of Prince Joaquin of Belgium

The proposal to sanction Prince Joaquín of Belgium for having skipped confinement on his arrival in Spain on May 24 is 10,400 euros, as it is considered a serious offense against the Organic Law for the Protection of Citizen Security.

Sources from the Government Subdelegation in Córdoba have informed Efe on Wednesday that a representative of the nephew of the King of the Belgians has received notification today of the start of the file and that from now on he has fifteen days to present allegations or pay the fine , which would entail a decrease of 50% of the amount.

The official instructing the file applies article 54 of the Citizen Security Law , which regulates the abbreviated procedure, which states that "once the agreement to initiate the procedure for the sanction of serious or minor offenses has been notified, the interested party will have a period of fifteen days to make the voluntary payment with reduction of the fine sanction, or to formulate the allegations and propose or provide the evidence that it deems appropriate ".

If Joaquín from Belgium admitted the facts, the procedure will be closed without the need to issue an express resolution on the day the payment is made, although the sanction will be appealable before the contentious-administrative jurisdictional order, according to the Citizen Security Law.

Otherwise, the file will go to "ordinary sanction procedure", it will lose the option to reduce the fine and the procedure for the tests that it may have requested will be opened.

Joaquín from Belgium with his sister María Laura.GTRES

Joaquín from Belgium acknowledged last May 31 "not having respected all quarantine measures" during his trip to Spain and asked for "apologies" for it, in a letter he made to Efe through his spokesperson in Córdoba, the lawyer Mariano Aguayo Fernández de Córdova.

In the letter, sent by email by the 28-year-old member of the Belgian royal family, to Aguayo Fernández de Córdova, with the request of its dissemination, he affirmed that he "deeply regretted his actions" and assured that he accepted "his consequences".

In a single paragraph, written in both Spanish and English, Joaquín from Belgium stated that "in these difficult times", he did not intend "to offend or disrespect anyone." "I would like to apologize for not having respected all the quarantine measures during my trip. I deeply regret my actions and accept the consequences. Joachim from Belgium," wrote the prince in the note.

The prince tested positive for the Covid-19 PCR test after having held some meetings in the province of Córdoba , although not a party, as the police investigation or a meeting with twenty-six other people has ruled out, which was the information that the Board of Andalusia provided the Government Subdelegation.

This forced the quarantine of himself and the other twenty-six people, one of whom tested positive later, as revealed last Saturday by the Minister of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre.

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