The American TV series Law in the Name (Cops) has been suspended due to the death of George Floyd, the BBC reports.

Following the work of the police, in the name of the Law is one of the longest running American reality TV series. The first episode aired on Fox in 1989. In 2013, the series moved to Paramount Network’s predecessor, Spike. In Finland, the series has been performed by MTV3.

The series was momentarily suspended last month after protests began.

The 33rd season of the series was scheduled to begin on a site owned by ViacomCBS on Monday. A Paramount spokesman said Tuesday that the law no longer has the company’s channel in the name and the company has no plans to return it.

With Floyd’s death, many activists have appealed to pull police sets off televisions. In their view, the genre portrays police as action heroes and characterizes African-American communities.

Another American police series, Live PD, was also suspended in honor of Floyd’s family and other casualties. The A&E cable channel representing the series is not certain of a return of the series.

Live PD is under special scrutiny due to the case of Javier Ambler, a dark man who died last year. As a result of the police chase, the 40-year-old father died in March 2019 in Austin, Texas.

The series filmed the sheriff’s duties at the same time the chase began, but the A&E channel has refused to release video footage of the incident. Police body camera material is seen on Ambler in the country with several police officers.

The reason for the man's chasing was the lights that Ambler did not dim for oncoming traffic.