Sustainable benefit “It takes time as a result of subcontracting” Opposition side pointed out June 10 17:27

Regarding the sustainable benefits, the opposition party pointed out that the management became sloppy as a result of re-entrustment from the council of the outsourcee, and it seems that it takes time for the benefits, but the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency The side explained that "the responsibility is the responsibility of the council."

Opposition parties such as the Constitutional Democratic Party conducted hearings from the government side in the Diet regarding the entrustment of the maintenance benefit office work.

At the meeting on the 10th, a business man who applied for benefits on the 1st of last month but has not decided the payment was present and complained that ``I am worried because I am anxious and I need to respond immediately''. It was The members who attended were outsourced to Dentsu by the outsourced general corporate judicial person "Service Design Promotion Council" and outsourced to another company. As a result, the management became sloppy and it took time to receive the benefits. I pointed out that it might be.

In response to this, a person in charge of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency explained, "I do not know the contract to the end, but the council has the primary responsibility for conducting the business."