“The uniqueness of the vaccine is to reduce the time it takes to develop immunity to the virus. According to the SRCEM them. N.F. Gamalei, the first vaccination produces humoral cellular immunity, and after the second vaccination, memory cells are formed - one of the main properties of the vaccine, ”the RFPI said in a press release. 

The first clinical trials of the vaccine are scheduled to begin in mid-June 2020, and mass production is expected to start by fall.

Earlier, the director of the Gamalea center Alexander Gunzburg said that, according to the results of testing the vaccine against coronavirus, all developers identified virus-neutralizing antibodies to COVID-19.

Virologist of the Gamaleya Institute Viktor Zuev, head of the Department of Microbiology of Latent Infections, in an interview with NSN noted that vaccination against coronavirus infection will begin with people at risk.