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New York, 1999. Here you have Paloma Mami : the next sensation of Latin music is this Chilean born in the Upper East Side who has already 'camelado' to C. Tangana, Rosalía and its producer, El Guincho, with the just released by 'Drip'.

What do you want to tell when singing? My music almost never deals with my personal life. I'm talking more about what my sister feels, or a friend, or something I saw on the street. 'Pretend', for example, is about that, of the women I know, who have been able to overcome someone and are better than ever. Can you be mature with 20 years in the world of music? Yes, if you are focused and you have your feet on the ground. Many people go up in smoke in this industry. But my family always helps me with everything, and if they think I'm being a little bitchy, they tell me: "Paloma, why are you so heavy?". I am a very honest person, I see my faults, and my family is also with me. He collaborated with C. Tangana and Alizzz in 'I shouldn't have kissed you' and now he has done 'Goteo' with El Guincho, and 'sample' of Rosalía included .It is a very futuristic song, advanced. It has a very strange and 'strange' sound that I love. Who are its references? Since I was a girl I listened to Etta James, Ella Fizgerald, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong ... Christina Aguilera I always loved it, Amy Winehouse ... Many women, yes. I grew up listening to those colors, jazz and R&B. And I always try to incorporate them into my songs. Why do you like Paloma Mami? What do you like about her? I like how I sing [laughs]. But always with that R&B touch. Maybe something the Latin world hasn't heard in Spanish yet. Maybe that's what people like about my voice. Other than your pretty voice, you're a sugarcane too. Where does it come from? I feel that having a presence comes from my background. Being from New York, I have that attitude of insolence. And being from Chile also gives me that side as a super Latina, sexy. With this mix, I can cover all ranges, strong and soft at the same time, that is, that her personal life has left some residue in her music. Obviously being a Latina in New York influenced me a lot to be a very strong person. I was raised by a single mom and she taught me how to be independent: I saw her work many jobs to support my sister and me. So she was my other great inspiration, just like the rest of my family in Chile, where I traveled every summer. I have always had many women around me: my four aunts and my grandmother, with my grandfather as the only man. That mix of my family, strong and beautiful, with the big city is what made me believe in myself. I wanted to ask her about the role of women in today's music. Music has been dominated by men for a long, long time. . Especially Latin music. So I am not going to get tired of talking about women climbing to the top, because they have never seen so many with power, dominating, as is happening now. It is very important and we are making history. We women have been silent for a long time. Many have let things happen because they did not dare to speak. But now they are going to have to tire just of us [laughs]. He mentions Latin music and it is true that it has completely turned around. The reggaeton was born a bit macho. But in the last two years the women's empowerment movement has evolved and even men have realized it. Now is the best time and it will improve so that the world of Latin urban music is not as macho as it was until recently. Nobody wants to listen to someone talking badly about a woman or being homophobic again. It is super good because respect has been delayed for many years. Any idea ideas for what remains of a pandemic? You have to be very patient. The silver lining is that you can spend time with the people you love or your family, or take a break from the world and relax. The world is going to change and this is going to be in the history books that are read at school. What has happened in Chile to have become one of the engines of the protests that have spread throughout the world in recent months ? Very young people, even children, have much more power than they think. And it is nice to see that in Chile we have finally arrived at this place of power, dressing as we want and being any person we want.

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