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  • More than 41,000 screenings have been carried out since May 11 in Pays-de-la-Loire.
  • The incidence rate of positive cases is decreasing, as is the rate of positive tests.
  • However, barrier gestures and social distancing remain essential, insists the ARS.

Certainly, the Covid-19 is "still present in our territory" and it is premature to declare victory. But the latest indicators of the spread of the virus in Pays-de-la-Loire are reassuring, the regional health agency revealed on Tuesday. Four weeks after the deconfinement, the regional incidence rate is falling (4.2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the last seven days combined). The rate of positivity of the tests (1.54%) is also decreasing while more than 41,000 screenings have been carried out since May 11. Same decline in the volume of patients presenting to emergency departments or SOS doctors for suspected Covid-19.

As for the current hospitalizations linked to the coronavirus, they fall below 300 and the majority of them now concern follow-up care. Fourteen people are in intensive care in hospitals in the region, compared to nearly 200 two months earlier.

# Covid19fr Information bulletin n ° 96
41,283 tests were carried out in #Pdl
455 deaths to be deplored (hospital environment)
1,874 returns home
EHPAD / ESMS surveillance: 490 reports and 316 residents deceased
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- ARS Pays de la Loire (@ars_pdl) June 9, 2020

Nine clusters under surveillance

"We have taken an important step," analyzes Dr. Pierre Blaise, director of the regional health project in Pays-de-la-Loire. The circulation of the virus is extremely low. The first phase of deconfinement did not trigger a new wave and, if there are a few clusters, we can consider that we have control over what is going on. Pierre Blaise remains cautious, however. “We don't know how long this mild situation will last. We are entering new phases of deconfinement. The summer holidays could be conducive to a new promiscuity. This is why we must maintain all our vigilance. "

Nine foci of contamination are still under surveillance, reports the ARS. Including three new ones: a school in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie (Vendée), a home for disabled young people (Loire-Atlantique) and unaccompanied foreign minors in the Nantes conurbation.

In total, since February, 771 people have died from the coronavirus in Pays-de-la-Loire, including 316 in nursing homes or homes for people with disabilities.


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