A medical group in the Emirates is preparing to introduce a face-covering device (similar to a helmet) to prevent infection with the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19).

The national group «MBF» said that it is preparing to launch the device soon in the first pharmacy in the UAE specializing in supplies for the prevention of the new “Corona” virus, in Dubai, which opened two days ago.

She stated that the pharmacy will provide devices to cover the entire face to prevent infection with the infection «Corona», after it agreed with a Canadian group specialized in supplying the device, so that the UAE would be the first country in the Middle East to use it.

The group said, in a statement that the UAE obtained a copy today, that the device is powered, which is a breathing device to purify the air and protect the personal surroundings of its wearer, which is an outer layer similar to a plastic helmet that protects from airborne hazards in the daily environment.

The group said: «Corona Protective Supplies Pharmacy, is the first pharmacy chain to open in Dubai.

She pointed out that the pharmacy focuses on personal protection products and supplies to prevent infection with the Corona virus, including modern devices to prevent infection and drugs to raise the body's immunity, such as vitamins of all kinds, in addition to protective clothing.

She stated that pharmacy staff provide health instructions to customers about diet and medical equipment needed to protect them from the emerging virus, noting that quality is the cornerstone of our existence, and our basic guidelines include customer focus, trust, respect and exceeding customer expectations.

The group described this pharmacy as a "community pharmacy", noting the cooperation and support of the Dubai Health Authority, as it helped to complete all procedures and arrangements needed for a pharmacy remotely and it was accomplished within only 3 weeks.

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