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Father Jong-Cheol Park's father, Park Jeong-ki, father and mother who sent their children first because of national violence and social absurdity, received a medal today (10th) as they had just heard. Lee Han-yeol's mother, Bae Eun-shim, who had fallen head-to-head with tear gas, and Ms. Lee So-sun, mother of Jeon Tae-il, who became the spark of our labor movement, also received a medal today.

Reporter Kim Jung-yun looked back at the lives of the merit of the democratization movement.

<Reporter> When

he was 23 years old, he lost his son Park Jong-cheol to the military dictatorship and was speechless, but he raised his son to his heart and stood up as a democracy.

While working as a member of the National People's Democratic Family and Family Council, he continued to fulfill his son's unfulfilled will.

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Today, Park Jong-cheol, a young man, was created at'Park Jong-cheol Street' in Sillim-dong, Seoul.

Bae Eun-shim, a mother who left her 21-year-old son Lee Han-yeol on tear gas, has shouted for democracy across the country for the past 30 years.

[Ban Eun-Shim/Lee Han-Yeol's mother of heat: Again, in this country's history, for the sake of democracy, there is no family that suffers and suffers… .]

Jeon Tae-il, who became the spark of the Korean labor movement by extinguishing himself by shouting "Obey the Labor Standards Law".

Mrs. So-sun Lee, who was passionate about her son's spirit, lived her life as a'mother of workers'.

And the'Park Tae-il', which brought the life and death of a young worker to the world.

The resignation of the human rights lawyer who wrote this book, lawyer Cho Young-rae, never forgets the hope of Jeon Tae-il, a sewing worker at the Cheonggyecheon stream, who said, “I wish I had only one college student.”

Bishop Ji Hak-soon, who led the formation of the Justice Realization Altar by resisting the Yushin regime as the head of the Catholic Catholic Church, also witnessed the helicopter shooting at the time of the May 18th.

The medal was also honored by former Dong-A-Two chairman Sung-Bo Yoo, progressive sociologist Kim Jin-Gyun, and pastor Hyung-Kyu Park, who led the lifelong democratization movement.

(Video coverage: Jo Jeong-young, Dong-hwan Shin, video editing: Park Ki-deok)  

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