[When Studying] General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Ningxia on the 8th to investigate and investigate. From the former barren land to today's Saijiang River, the development of Ningxia is Xi Jinping's constant concern. Xinhua News Agency's "In Progress" original brand column "Laboratory" launched an article that takes you back to the story of Xi Jinping and Ningxia.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Ningxia on the 8th to investigate and investigate. On the afternoon of the same day, he went to Hongde Village, Hongsibao Town, Wuzhong City, Wuzhong City Section of the Yellow River, and Jinhuayuan Community of Jinxing Town to learn about the situation of local poverty alleviation, strengthening the ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin, and promoting national unity. This is the first local inspection by General Secretary Xi Jinping after the end of the two sessions of the National Congress in 2020.

  From public reports, the stories of Xi Jinping and Ningxia go back to 1997. In April of that year, Xi Jinping, the deputy secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and the leader of the leading group of Ningxia's counterparts in Fujian Province, came to Ningxia for the first time. Since then, he has been concerned and concerned about this land. In 2008 and 2016, he visited Ningxia twice.

  Fighting against poverty, technological innovation, ecological protection... Xi Jinping devoted a lot of effort to the development of Ningxia.

"Do you often take a shower?"

  On July 18, 2016, Xi Jinping came to Yangling Village, Dawan Township, Jingyuan County to visit his father and his fellow villagers and inspect the situation of targeted poverty alleviation.

  During the inspection, apart from inspecting the furnishings in the house, Xi Jinping paid special attention to the shower facilities of the villagers. Hearing that a solar water heater was installed, Xi Jinping said "very good" and asked the little boy at home with concern: "Do you often take a shower?"

  Why is Xi Jinping so concerned about taking a bath? There is actually a reason for this problem. When he first came to Ningxia in 1997, Xi Jinping was shocked by the poverty situation in Xihaigu area. Recalling the situation at the time, Xi Jinping said that ordinary people have difficulty using water and cannot take a bath.

  The problem of bathing is essentially a problem of water use. For Xihaigu, which was once very arid, solving the water problem is not only a solution to basic livelihood needs, it is also about getting rid of poverty and getting rich and economic development.

  In 1997, Xi Jinping's counterpart helped Ningxia get rid of poverty. One of the key points was water. He grasped the well cellar project to solve the problem of people's domestic water use; encouraged the small round well to pump water for irrigation and solved the problem of industrial water use...

  Water not only grows crops, but also waters the hope of getting rid of poverty and getting rich. Today's Xihaigu, as expected by the general secretary, gradually changed from "dry beach" to "golden beach".

"Development of industry is the fundamental strategy to achieve poverty alleviation"

  Yangling Village is located in the Xihaigu area, which used to be "a world of hardships." The hinterland of Liupan Mountain is a contiguous area of ​​extreme poverty. The deep mountain ditch and industrial lag restrict the pace of local people's poverty alleviation.

  In recent years, with the continuous advancement of poverty alleviation, the village has undergone significant changes in water, electricity, roads, and industrial development. Especially for poor households, the per capita development of one mu of grain, one mu of vegetables, and one cow Helping measures make the income of poor households more and more guaranteed.

  "Developing industry is the fundamental strategy to achieve poverty alleviation. To adapt to local conditions, the cultivation of industries should be taken as the fundamental way to promote poverty alleviation." When he inspected Ningxia in 2016, Xi Jinping emphasized. The phrase "fundamental way out" highlights the importance of industrial poverty alleviation.

  Taking this "fundamental way out" well, Xi Jinping had already made a good start when he helped his counterparts in helping Ningxia out of poverty in 1997. At that time, he focused on developing potato production, processing it into feed and selling it to some places in the east to raise eels. This item led to an increase in per capita income of one or two hundred yuan.

  Grass, livestock, potatoes, cold vegetables... Nowadays, there are branches of the Industrial United Party that connects farmers with one end, but also with enterprises, and some companies provide technical protection for farmers and open up market sales. The development of industries has become Xihaigu's poverty alleviation tool.

"Minning Town explored a Kangzhuang Avenue"

  On July 15, 1997, "Minning Village" broke ground on a Gobi desert. "Minning" is the name Xi Jinping gave to the ecological immigration site in Yongning County, and it is also a witness of the fruitfulness of the "Minning Cooperation".

  In 1996, the central government determined that its counterpart in Fujian would help Ningxia. Xi Jinping, then deputy secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee, served as the leader of the Ningxia Leadership Group for counterpart assistance, directly organizing the implementation of the Mining counterpart cooperation in poverty alleviation.

  Grasping the well cellar project and developing the industry were the key points of the cooperation of poverty alleviation by Mining at the time. Another big move was the implementation of the "Immigrant Suspended Village" project, which moved people who lived in places where "one side can't feed a person" to a place suitable for production and life, and built Minning Village.

  As the general secretary said, immigration is an effective way to overcome poverty. More than two decades since the official foundation of Minning Village, the barren Gobi has become a town of Minning that has accepted more than 60,000 ecological immigrants. In 2019, the per capita disposable income of farmers in Minning Town has reached more than 13,500 yuan.

  Minning Town has become a successful example of poverty alleviation in my country's poverty-stricken areas towards comprehensive well-off. During his inspection in Ningxia in 2016, Xi Jinping praised that Minning Town explored a Kangzhuang Avenue, and we want to promote this precious experience to the whole country.

"Eastern and western poverty alleviation cooperation and counterpart support must be maintained for a long time"

  Poverty alleviation cooperation and counterpart support between the East and the West is a major strategy for promoting coordinated regional development, coordinated development, and common development. It is a major layout for strengthening regional cooperation, optimizing industrial layout, and opening up new spaces both internally and externally. 3. A major move to eventually achieve the goal of common prosperity. The fruitful results of the "Minning Cooperation" on the Gobi Desert are a strong proof of this.

  "Eastern and western poverty alleviation cooperation and counterpart support must be maintained for a long time." In July 2016, Xi Jinping's words were firm and strong at the eastern and western poverty alleviation collaboration symposium.

  The western regions, especially the ethnic regions, border regions, old revolutionary bases, and contiguous areas of extreme poverty, have high levels of poverty, high poverty alleviation costs, and great difficulty in poverty alleviation. They are shortcomings in poverty alleviation. System policies and measures. At the meeting, Xi Jinping put forward four requirements: raise awareness and strengthen leadership; improve pairing and deepen assistance; make clear the focus and focus accurately; strengthen the assessment and ensure the effectiveness.

  "Mountain" and "sea" have joined hands and have written countless chapters of poverty alleviation. The achievements that have been made are certainly valuable, but it will take a long time to work together and "long-term perseverance" to get rid of poverty together.

  On the eve of the two sessions this year, the "Guiding Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Promoting the New Development of the Western Region in the New Era" was publicly released, clarifying the following assistance policies. The story of crossing mountains and seas and fighting poverty together will be more exciting...

"Socialism is done"

  In 2008, Xi Jinping, then vice president of the country, entered the Ningdong Energy and Chemical Base for the first time to inspect the Shenhua Ningmei Coal Methanol Project with an annual output of 250,000 tons. At that time, the factory was still small, but the vitality was already vigorously visible.

  Eight years later, Xi Jinping visited the Ningdong Energy Chemical Base again to learn more about the progress of the construction of the world's largest coal-to-oil engineering project.

  Standing in the hot factory, General Secretary Xi Jinping's voice was full of power: "I am also very excited, seeing the socialist building built one by one brick. The workers brothers and sisters present, I am full of you Respect. Socialism is done. It is only through the hard work and hard work of our working class that we can achieve one great goal after another and achieve fruitful results one after another."

  "Socialism is done", this sentence is simple and full of power. When it comes to Ningxia, what should we do? Xi Jinping gave the answer: "The more underdeveloped areas, the more need to implement innovation-driven development strategies. Underdeveloped areas can increase the power of scientific and technological innovation through mechanisms such as linkages between East and West and counterpart support, and explore innovation with innovative thinking and firm confidence. Drive a new path of development."

  Innovation-driven development is a new road and a brighter road. In December 2016, the Shenhuaning coal-to-oil demonstration project was completed and put into operation, which became a huge achievement of “working hard and working hard”. In his important instructions, Xi Jinping once again emphasized, "We must vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productive forces."

"Ningxia is an important ecological security barrier in the northwest region"

  During the deliberations on the government work report at the two sessions this year, the Ningxia delegation submitted a "wish list" for participating in the national "14th Five-Year Plan" to the General Assembly. One of them is "to build an ecological security barrier in the western part of the motherland and to ensure national ecological security".

  "Ningxia is an important ecological security barrier in the northwest region." Xi Jinping has always been very concerned about ecological protection in Ningxia. In September 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping gave special instructions on the pollution of the Tengger Desert by enterprises; when he visited Nanjing in July 2016, the General Secretary once again emphasized that "the behavior of destroying the ecological environment must be stubbornly grasped. In the end, until the problem is completely solved"...

  Ecology is a unified natural system and an organic chain of interdependence and close connection. Land, water, wetlands... For every aspect of ecological protection in Ningxia, Xi Jinping has thoughts and plans. He stressed that it is necessary to vigorously strengthen the construction of green barriers. It is necessary to strengthen source protection, work hard to promote water pollution prevention, and protect the ecological environment of key lakes and wetlands. It is necessary to strengthen the protection of the Yellow River, resolutely put an end to the pollution of the Yellow River, and make the mother river always healthy.

  Following the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, Ningxia has stepped up its efforts to promote ecological and environmental protection. On June 3, the government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region released the state of the ecological environment quality in 2019 and the progress of ecological environmental protection in 2020. The communiqué shows that in 2019, the atmospheric and water environment quality in Ningxia continues to improve, the soil environment quality is good, the acoustic environment quality remains stable, and the ecological environment in the whole region is further improved.

  Ningxia, with its "Ecological Zone" as its strategy, is undertaking an important mission to maintain ecological security in the Northwest and even the country.

  Xinhua Net Cheng Yao