China News Service, June 9 (Xinhua Post) reported that on June 8, local time, the US President Trump's campaign team said that he expects Trump to restart it in the next few weeks to "let the United States continue to be great." (Keep America Great) campaign. A few months ago, Trump failed to participate in related activities because of the new crown epidemic.

Data graph: US President Trump. China News Agency reporter Chen Meng Tongshe

  According to reports, Trump campaign team manager Parskel (Brad Parscale) said in a statement: "The Americans are ready to start the operation again, as is President Trump." Parskel also said , The campaign will be grand.

  US political news site Politico first reported news about Trump's campaign plan.

  Palskel previously stated that the campaign may resume in the late summer. But the "Washington Post" quoted an official as saying that only about five months before the November US elections, polls show that Trump's approval rating lags behind the Democratic presidential candidate Biden, making Trang Pu decided to "re-start" again.

  At present, all 50 states and Washington DC have plans to reopen the economy. Despite this, many states still restrict large-scale face-to-face meetings, and some media said that Trump may be restricted in the choice of venues for events.