Blogger and social media influencer Veera Bianca was seen early in the You Are What You Eat program, where Dr. Pippa Laukka guided her toward a better lifestyle. Veera got started in the program with her lifestyle renovation, which has lasted to this day.

Sometähti posted a pair of before and after pictures on his Instagram account that shows how much of a life change has had on his body.

- -30 pounds. What a trip from last summer. Who would have thought the answer can be found in the balanced and healthy diet and workout he enjoys, Veera writes in his Instagram.

Writing for her Veera Bianca travel blog, Veera became a full-time entrepreneur about three years ago. He founded his blog 11 years ago to tell stories to his family and friends about Australia, where he had moved at the time.

2008 Veera was involved in a serious horse accident in Australia and her spine broke. In the What You Eat program, he said the accident ruined his health.

- It started such a health downturn. So to speak, I lost all joy in exercise. I don’t remember my disability when I don’t have to face it, he said on the program.

In the program, he started following a new diet and exercise program under the guidance of Dr. Pippa Lauka. After two months, the blogger threatened a whole new kind of energy.

Veera photographed in October 2019 You are in the press of what you eat.

Photo: Joonas Salo

After two months, the change in life was also visible externally. In two months, her weight had dropped over 13 pounds and her waist had narrowed by 30 cents.

Veera told IS at the press conference of What You Eat in October how the former life felt like a pretty double life. He said he had seized every opportunity to escape abroad so as not to have to face his life situation and daily life.

- From the outside it'm terribly successful and fortunate for the world traveler, who can sit somewhere drinking champagne in business class, and it is terribly gorgeous and glamorous, she told me at the time.

- I came home, ordered sushi, drank a glass of wine and left again. It became an escape.

However, after making a life change, he felt like he was not left alone with his case. There was a fundamental change inside the head.

- It is often said that after such a project there is nothing left, but it has not been felt. I’m not on any diet, but I take care of myself, he summed up.

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