Nanna Karalahti talks about the effects of the corona epidemic and the busy everyday life of a family with children in an interview with Sport magazine. Karalahti describes that Korona forced him to slow down.

- Already at the beginning of the year, I thought that this year I would take it easy and focus on the essentials. That is, the stop came at a place that suited me. At the same time, I had to think about what I want out of life really, he says Sport.

In the interview, Nanna also highlights the difficulties of her and Jere Karalahti's union. Nanna says she has been stressed and scared since her firstborn Jax was born to be criticized for her motherhood. She tells the magazine she was home with the baby when the spouse spent a freer life.

In her blog post in the spring of 2017, Nanna said her union was in crisis and she and Jere were resigning.

- When common dreams do not meet, it is better to put the whistles in a bag and let the new doors open, Nanna wrote at the time.

A few months after the separation, the couple announced that they had returned together.

Now, years later, Nanna describes the difference that taught her a lot.

- The best lesson was when we ended up with Jere when Jax was a year old. Others always wonder when I call a difference the best thing that has ever happened to me. But that experience taught fear something important: anything that scares can also happen. When my fears came true, there was no longer any reason to fear, he describes to Sport.

- Divorce taught me to trust life and realize that right now everything is fine, he sums up.

Nanna and Jere married in August 2015.

Photo: Roni Rekomaa

Nanna Karalahti has previously told about the background of the marriage crisis in public. He told Kaksplus magazine in 2018 that everyday with a little baby exhausted them both, and neither paid enough attention to the relationship.

- We were both terribly selfish. It annoyed me that I was so tied to Jax, but Jere was able to train and move freely. I also couldn’t support Jere in ending her career, but I focused on demanding equity in caring for the baby, Nanna Karalahti told Kaksplussa.

For Ilta-Sanomat, the couple has told the couple who moved to Kerava as a kind of new beginning. The couple now also shares childcare.

- We used to live in Helsinki's Kalasatama and only my mother had the opportunity to come and take care of our son quickly. Nanna is from Kerava and there are her sisters as well as friends who all have children. Nursing care can be found and it is also reassuring to live close to nature, Jere said.