The IGPN was seized on suspicion of police violence on the sidelines of the demonstration in Marseille against this violence. - Daniel Cole / AP / SIPA

Suspicions of police violence in Marseille, on the sidelines of a demonstration against the same police violence. The prosecutor of the Republic of Marseille, Dominique Laurens, confirms to 20 Minutes that an investigation has been entrusted to the IGPN for suspicions of police violence, confirming information from the Marsactu site. "I received an email Sunday evening confirmed by a handwritten letter received by my prosecution this morning, the IGPN will proceed to the verifications described by the editors of this letter", she details.

According to the author of the mail, relayed by France 3, a man was thrown to the ground after a person who accompanied him typed a police car with a key. The man passed out before being taken to hospital. These suspicions of police violence took place on the sidelines of the demonstration against police violence, Saturday in Marseille.


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