Pretty Alsatian villages await you on this loop in the Golden Crown vineyard. - My Weekend in Alsace

  • The health crisis linked to the coronavirus should favor tourism in France during the next weekends and this summer.
  • To inspire you a bit for your holidays, 20 Minutes has chosen five hikes or bicycle tours to discover around Strasbourg.
  • For the less motivated, the more athletic or the smaller, we take you between castles, lakes, vineyards, plains and forests

The walks around Mont-Sainte-Odile or that of the Nideck waterfall, you know by heart. So much the better because we decided to offer you five ideas for hikes, on foot or by bike, which are a bit off the beaten track. Let's go !

Mont Saint-Michel in… Alsace

Yes, Normandy does not have exclusivity. In the Bas-Rhin, the famous mountain (438 meters above sea level) is located on the heights of Saint-Jean-de-Saverne, about forty minutes from Strasbourg. "It is an old pagan place of worship with a chapel at the top," explains Laurène Philippot, manager of the blog My Weekend in Alsace. “It's steep but you can go up on foot or by car and once up there, there are a lot of marked trails. We are in a typical forest of the Northern Vosges and we see the plain of Alsace or the black forest. I'm a fan! "

The view from Mont-Saint-Michel of ... Saint-Jean-de-Saverne. - My Weekend in Alsace

Birkenfels Castle at the end of the road

"Walks with a castle are ideal for children because it gives them a purpose," says Alix De Vaulx-Rivé. The creator of the L'Alsace des petits site knows what she is talking about: she has already taken this family walk in the Obernai forest, near Ottrott. "It must be about an hour round trip and the Birkenfels castle is very cute," she continues. “And for those who are not tired, it is possible to continue to the castle of Kagenfels, that adds about three hours. It is no longer for 3 year olds! "

And in the background, the castle of Birkenfels. - Alsace of the Little Ones

Flashlight, forest and stroller at the Grand Wintersberg

No, you are not blocked if your child still needs his stroller. Alix De Vaulx-Rivé sends you this time near Niederbonn-les-Bains. "The big advantage of this ride is that it is a loop that must be 1 hour 30 minutes maximum and there is a playground," she explains. “We can go around the forest quietly but we will have to leave the circuit if we want to climb to the panoramic tower of Grand Wintersberg, at the top. "And then take out the baby carrier ..." Once in the tower, don't forget your flashlight! The tower is 25 meters high and you can admire a magnificent view of the Vosges du Nord massif. On the way back, the Liese rock, a sculpture in a monolithic block, is also worth a look.

The view from around the Grand Wintersberg in winter. - Screenshot

Vineyard and pretty villages by bike

The wine route, Ribeauvillé, Bergheim, Kintzheim ... Deja-vu. "Where I take you, there will be fewer people!" "Laughs Laurène Philippot. The blogger rather suggests to cyclists to go further north. In the La Couronne d'Or vineyard, near Marlenheim. Several circuits are possible, including one "of just under 30 km, with 500 meters of elevation gain and some good hills. " His characteristics ? “We leave in the forest near Wangenbourg then we pass by Scharrachbergheim, Westhoffen. it is a mixture of vines, pretty villages and forest. Very nice ! "

Pretty Alsatian villages await you on this loop in the Golden Crown vineyard. - My Weekend in Alsace

And the Vosges in all this?

The famous massif and its countless hiking trails could not escape this selection. Direction therefore Lac Blanc, precisely at the top of the Col du Calvaire, near Orbey. Daniel Jaegert plays the guides. "From there, you can hike the four lakes, namely white, black, that of Forlet and green," announces the president of the Vosges Club of Colmar. In total, the little walk can turn into a journey of… almost 20 km and six hours of walking. “But we can make it shorter and see only two lakes. In case, there are farm inns on the way, where you can have a drink and have a rest, ”specifies Daniel Jaegert, referring to a“ pleasant hike, between forest and water which is also accessible to all ”.

Le Lac Blanc, in Alsace. - Wikicommons


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