The Convention on the Rights of the Child became Swedish law on January 1st of this year, and it should be seen more in how the law applies children's rights, says the Children's Ombudsman, BO.

"The biological parents get too much power"

The Ombudsman for Children believes that the legislation must now be adapted more to the rights of the children.

- Parental rights are very strong in Sweden, rules should be introduced on the child's best interests and the child's right to be heard in the Administrative Law, says Elisabeth Dahlin.

Half get new parents

New figures that SVT has produced show that not even the children who are cared for when they are under 3 years old ever get a new guardian. Instead, they remain under the social services efforts throughout childhood, without legal right to their family home parents.

SVT's review shows that Sofie, 13, who is now forced to live in an HVB home is one of them. She does not even have the right to be tried in court for moving home to the family home, where she grew up.

The social service loses the children voice

A large research study from Uppsala University shows that children's voices and a description of their situation are often lost along the way when the social services find out what is best for the children.

The Ombudsman for Children requires that the courts be given clearer instructions to investigate and gather expertise when needed, or may send the case back to the social services when the child has not been allowed to speak.

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Sofie, 13, is isolated from her family