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The mother of a 9-year-old child who died under the blows, as well as his sister's companion, were indicted for intentional homicide and acts of torture and imprisoned, said the Toulon prosecutor's office on Monday.

The facts occurred during the night of Thursday to Friday, specifies Bernard Marchal, public prosecutor of Toulon, confirming information from Var-Matin . That night, the boy vomited blood and the mother took him to the hospital, but too late for rescue to save him.

"The mother of the deceased young boy had been hosting his sister and her companion for some time at her home when the confinement arrived," said the magistrate. "It was then that the behavior of this man began to become more and more violent, putting himself in the head to teach authority to the three children present in the home," notes Bernard Marchal. "Among the retaliatory measures, he tied the children up," he said.

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